Teaching Session

SNoDateDayTimeTopicPresenterCO-HOSTMeeting DetailsAttachment
116-AprThursday10am-12pmDP3 Q&AFaye/Associate psychologistSylvia GohView
217-AprFriday2pm-3:30pmChildren with delayed speech and  language development presenting to the Department of Child Development: Role of nurses.SLTHamimahView
320-AprMonday11am-1pmDiagnostic labels related to speech, language, and communication disorders - perhaps to also get everyone on the same page what terms to useSLTHamimahView
421-AprTuesday9am-10amIntroduction to DP3Lily/ Associate psychologistSylvia GohView
521-AprTuesday10am-12pmDP3 Q&A (repeat)Lily/ Associate psychologistSylvia GohView
622-AprWednesday9am-11amUnderstanding dyslexia : Correlation with language and learning and/or Assessment and management of bilingual childrenSLTHamimahView
722-AprWednesday2pm-3:30pmSimple Parenting StrategiesMSWLinda TanViewView
823-AprThursday9am-10.30amTherapeutic ConversationsMSWCheryl NgViewView
924-AprFriday9am-11amStuttering – managementSLTHamimahViewView
1027-AprMonday9am-11amChildhood Apraxia of Speech : Diagnostic criteria, methods of assessment, things to rule out, treatment SLTHamimahViewView
1127-AprMonday2pm-3:30pmSimple Parenting Strategies for difficult behaviour (repeat)MSWLinda TanViewView
1228-AprTuesday2pm-3:30pmTherapeutic Conversations (repeat)MSWCheryl NgViewView
1329-AprWednesday2pm-3.30pmDevelopmental coordination disorder and consideration for school readinessOT NatalineViewView
1430-AprThursday10am-12pmBehavior Management For Children Below 3 Years OldAlyson/Cherry (Psychologists)AlysonViewView
1530-AprThursday2pm-3.30pmSensory Processing Disorder - assessment and managementOT Hui FangViewView
1604-MayMonday2pm-4pmADHD and ODDClara and Dr SandraClaraViewView Slide 1
View Slide 2
1714-MayThursday2pm-3:30pmMIM: Speech Dyspraxia: Do we need to probe further?Dr Anitha / Dr Shilpee RaturiViewView Article 1
View Article 2
1814-MayThursday3:30pm-5:00pmArticle: An exploratory study of the knowledge of personal safety skills among children with developmental disabilities and their parents MSWs Eileen and Adelle
Facilitator: Psych Dorcas
1920-MayWednesday2pm-3:30pmSession: Teaching (LSFs)
Topic: Early Literacy Skills for Children 4yo and below
LSFs Fiona and CherylViewView
2021-MayThursday9.00am-11.00amSession: Teaching (Psychs)
Topic: IQ assessment profile interpretation/ SPED Sch placement / Access arrangements
Psych FayeViewView Slide 1
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2122-MayFriday2pm – 3.30pmSession: Teaching (OT)
Topic: Coaching Interaction Style
OT Hui FangViewView
2226-MayTuesday2pm – 3.30pmSession: Teaching (LSFs)
Topic: Supporting Literacy Development and School Readiness skills for Kindergarteners.
LSF JannahViewView
2327-MayWednesday9am-10.30amCommon SyndromesDr Anitha and Dr SharlineView
2428-MayThursday2:30pm-5:30pmTopic 1: Sharing on Trans-D Early Communication
Topic 2: Sharing on Picture Exchange Intervention
Speakers 1: Psych Hwee Min, OT Tse Ling
Speaker 2: Psych Anita
ViewView Slide 1
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2529-MayFriday9am-10.30amSession: Teaching (OTs)
Topic: Development of Pretend Play
OTs Julia and NatalineViewView
261-JunMonday3.30pm – 5.30pmSession: Teaching (Psychs)
Topic: Access Arrangements
Psych FayeViewView Slide 1
View Slide 2